Dental Bites are the perfect treat for the health- conscious pet owner. Our Dental Bites contain the 100% natural, active seaweed ingredient A.N ProDen®, shown in clinical trials to reduce plaque, tartar and to improve bad breath. With no added sugar, artificial preservatives or colouring they make a healthy and tasty reward for your cat. Our Dental Bites have a tasty formula specially developed for felines so your cat can’t resist it – 10 out of 10 cats love our Dental Bites!

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Ingredients: Unique algae ingredient A.N ProDen®*, wheat*, corn*, rice*, barley*, wheat bran*, olive oil, vegetable flavourings. *Organic product.
Analytical constituents: Crude protein 7% Crude fat 5,5% Crude ash 7% Fibre 2%.
Calorie content: 0,83 kcal/bites.

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More information about PLAQUEOFF DENTAL BITES CAT

Dental Bites for cats are available in 60g with a tasty formula exclusively made for the felines.
Animals having problems tith the thyroid gland must be careful with their intake of iodine. Since seaweed, including our unique ingredient, have naturally high iodine content, we do not reccomend that animals with thyroid problems use this product.
Store in a cool, dry place.


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